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Organizational Diagnosis & Intervention

We know through decades of research that factors such as psychological safety, job satisfaction, transparency, autonomy, feedback, growth, etc. are incredibly important not only for employee happiness but for performance. Yet, do you really know how your employees rate their experience working in your company? 

That's where an organizational assessment comes into play. To truly understand the health of your organization, a complete diagnostic assessment is necessary.

Gain an Understanding of the Culture/Climate

We will administer a custom-built survey to assess areas of interest to stakeholders. Interviews with and observation of employees may also be used to further refine the conceptualization of the organization. 


Generate a Report

Leadership will receive a report complete with organizational cultural findings, ratings on psychological variables of interest, and statistical analyses of various relationships (e.g., which variable is most strongly associated with burnout). 



Based on the findings in the report, leadership will also receive a list of recommended changes. These interventions will be founded in the science of psychology and intended to remedy any problems that are discovered. 


Outcome Measurement

At various time points, the original survey will be repeated to determine if and to what extent the interventions are having an effect on the health of the organization. 

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