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Leader Development and Coaching

If there's one place to invest, it's in your company's leaders. In their book It's The Manager, Gallup continuously emphasizes their finding that 70% of what makes an employee engaged is due to the leadership style of their manager.

Unfortunately, too many leaders are placed in a leadership position based on seniority and are given very little training on how to lead effectively.

What's more, there are tons of leader development programs out there that are ineffective, wasting time and money. Effective programs measure outcomes so you can be sure actual change is occurring. Their interventions are backed by established research and are led by people with an actual expertise in human behavior.

Take Baseline Measurements

We start by taking a baseline measurement to discover where there is room for growth. These measurements include personality tests and 360 surveys. Self-awareness is critical for leaders especially as they progress in rank when it tends to halt due to fewer peers to give candid feedback.


Identify Leadership Goals

Once we establish an awareness of where the leader currently is, we will establish goals for where they want to be. We will then engage in a series of coaching sessions designed to help them achieve their goals.


Measure Outcomes

In order to know if any intervention has had an effect, outcomes must be measured. Following completion of a series of leader coaching sessions, we will readminister baseline assessments to determine if a difference was achieved and to further develop leader self-awareness. 


Booster Sessions

If desired and/or deemed necessary, we may set up periodic follow-up coaching sessions to check in on leader development progress. Personality is not something that changes easily. It takes effort to keep old behaviors from creeping back in. Booster sessions can help by giving leaders an azimuth check to ensure they are moving in the right direction. 

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