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Group Self-Awareness

Human beings naturally crave being a part of a social group. The more cohesive that group is, the more the team members benefit. Members of cohesive groups are more motivated to work, are less likely to quit, and are even less likely to experience negative psychological states like depression. 

One way to build group cohesion is to increase the self-awareness of the group. In other words, if group members understand each other better, they are more likely to empathize with one another and understand each others' perspectives. 

A great way to increase group self-awareness is personality testing with feedback in a small team setting. 

Administer Personality Test

Group members will receive a link to a personality test. We only use tests with a scientific backing. Pseudo-science personality tests have no place at Noble Organizational Consulting.  


Generate Reports

Once employees complete the personality tests, individual reports will be generated. Individual personality test results will only be seen by the individual test taker. A group report will also be produced and used during the group feedback session. 


Group Feedback

As a team, we will review the personality test scores and what each scale means. We will also review team norms in the different personality domains and engage in a group discussion on how the personality of the group may affect its performance. Individual group members are encouraged (not forced) to share their findings and engaged in discussions around how their personalities are different or similar from their peers. 



The cohesiveness of the group will be measured pre and post group feedback session to determine the effect of the intervention on the team. 

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